Blasts, gunfire rock Kabul, Taliban claims attacks

Explosions and gunfire ring out at security compounds in Kabul, witnesses say, as Taliban claims responsibility.
An explosion rocked a police headquarters in the west Kabul [AP]
The Taliban has attacked targets in different parts of the Afghan capital, Kabul, including a police headquarters in the western part of the city, killing at least one and wounding several people.

A senior army official also reported an attack on a building on its eastern outskirts on Wednesday, as the Taliban claimed responsibility for additional attacks on an intelligence services facility and an army recruitment centre.

Immediately after the explosion in the western part of the capital, gunfire rang out, witnesses told Al Jazeera.

A Taliban spokesman claimed the group inflicted heavy casualties.

Hospital officials told Al Jazeera that six wounded people were receiving medical care.
Police sources told Al Jazeera that a suicide car bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle next to the police station and near a military training centre.

"It (the west) is a very important and secure area," Al Jazeera's Qais Azimy, reporting from Kabul, said.

"At least two gunmen with suicide vests entered the police headquarters and currently there's fighting ongoing in that area," he added.

The explosions were large enough to be heard throughout side of the city.

Afghan security forces are battling a resurgent Taliban amid record casualties and mass desertions as the fighters escalate nationwide attacks even in winter months when the fighting usually wanes.

Repeated bids to launch peace negotiations with the Taliban have failed and an intense new fighting season is expected to kick off in the spring.

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