Thursday, June 29, 2017

This young woman stabbed her FOUR(4) year old daughter to hell(death)

Laquital Lewis(the woman who has done such evil act) has been charged to Court for stabbing her daughter(the little girl is 4 years old) to death in West Harris County >>Houston >Texas   

The name of her daughter is Fredricka Allen.

Laquita was charged with capital murder after the girl was found fatally stabbed late Sundayat Lewis’ apartment complex in Houston. It is not clear why she killed her daughter but there are reports that she had argued with Fredricka’s father, Fredrick Allen, before allegedly stabbing their daughter, a relative said. After stabbing her child, Lewis left the apartment and was involved in a car accident. She was at a hospital when she texted her family to apologize for what had happened.

"She texted that the baby had gone to heaven, that she had killed the baby," Randy Sample, a relative of the deceased said. “It's insane, to take a 4-year-old’s life like that."

What a miserable thing.

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